2008. március 22., szombat

Warcloud - Ghost pirates


Pass: Smoky

Track list:

01.Warclud ft Skarekrow - Ghost Pirates (prod by Skarekrow)
02.Proffssionnal Feat Bootface - Front If u want to ( prod by Holy Ghost)
03.Beggah-Ohh- Psycho Killa ( pord by Pablo Baluuba)
04.Professor Graveface - Ghost Horror pirates music
05.Warcloud (Blend) - Interlude #1 (produced by thhe Instructor Of Death)
06.Prof.Graveface ,Ern Dawgy & Imperial Skillz Empera - Pnantasmagoric musick (prod by Imperial Skillz Empera)
07.Warcloud Aka Robot Tank - River Church
08.Professor Graveface - Tribute To Da Cloud of War
09.Sleepy Stone & Great White Shark - Drunken Pirates (Productd by Pablo Baluba)
10.Warcloud (Blend) - Interlude #2 (Produced by Pablo Baluba)
11.M.C.Ohner, MrVolcano & Azrael - Warghosts (prod by Imperial Skillz Empera)